Life coaching reflects self care. Self care is the number one and most powerful asset to creating your journey. This is the start and beginning of what life has to offer. A relationship with ones self will be a value in every area of life. A Life Coach is a gift and a safe space for others to share with no judgement. In the every day world we have friendships, workmanships, family, partnerships and relationships of all kinds. There are many situations we are faced with and need direction. A Life Coach is to allow you to have a voice to get through easy and tough times. A challenge may not always be bad or negative but one may need advice with a positive decision as well. Gain a support system today for every area of your path. Learn Self Care and bring abundance into your life.

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Enjoy your life
A well-trained coach knows how to use the right words so that you are naturally motivated.


Your potential
Clients take bigger actions, set bigger goals and think bigger when they work with a Life Coach


Finding balance
A life with direction and clarity makes journey and end goal enjoyable.


Accept change
Most people find that things start to happen very quickly after hiring a Life Coach.

Expert Life Coach Service in Houston for Personal Development

If you are experiencing such difficulties which causes a huge disastrous situation in your life, then you should avail our coach services in Houston right now to get immediate life coaching which can enable you to stand healthy, happy and fully active. At this stage you can also connect with us in getting a customized personal development coach for your specific needs. A personal development coach will focus on expanding your self-awareness, seeking at life goals, personal challenges and long-standing aspirations. Personal development coaching aims to evaluate these life changes, whilst assessing your strengths and weaknesses to improve certain areas of your life.

With our life coach service, we offer an extraordinary opportunity to focus and move forward on their personal, professional or organizational goals. Creating a perfect vision for your life, with our life coach service in Houston, you can easily identify your core values, strengths and life objectives. Empowering individuals to be healthier, happier and more successful. We can help you improve your health, performance, relationships and achieve your goals. If you are seeking for your expert life coach in Houston who can assist you in achieving your every possible life goals, then you are at a right place!

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  • LV Bryant
    As a Former U. S Marine, Combat Veteran who has served two tours in Iraq, I took the step of adding an additional component to my overall recovery from PTSD and recurring anxiety disorder, by seeking further assistance through life coaching. I was referred to Coach Jennifer Oglesby by a relative who suggested I should speak with her, because she was sincere about helping others manage their lives from a more wholistic approach. After our first initial consultation, I knew then, that I found someone who genuinely had interest in bettering my life, at the forefront of her desire to bring balance. The key takeaway from our session, was the fact that she demonstrated a positive outlook on every aspect of our discussion, with providing positive reinforcement to aid in my day to day life goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who may be struggling with life issues and need a more refine method of thinking through step by step problem solving.
    LV Bryant
    Veteran (USMC)
  • TTO
    Ms. Jennifer helped me better understand that speaking up for myself is the first step to self love! Most of my life I was always putting the needs of others before my own, which in most cases led to me feeling drained or even unhappy. She is a great listener, patient and understanding which made talking with her really easy! Jennifer provided examples that made me aware of my vulnerabilities in order to improve, and feel good about my decisions.   Thanks for your guidance and encouragement to help me along life's journey!
  • Myeisha O
    Thank you so much Jennifer i really enjoyed my counseling sessions with you. I love how you guided me and listened to my problems with out judging me. Every time I book you my life feels so much better. I told all my family and friends about you. Thank you
    Myeisha O
  • Sharon W
    I really enjoyed my experience with Coach Jennifer. She was intuitive and I found her friendliness easy to open up to.
    Sharon W
    Hong Kong
  • M.A
    I just want to thank Jennifer for guiding me and redirecting my life path. She’s a great listener & is very understanding of what I say. My friends and family have noticed a positive change in my life as well. I am grateful to have fun Jennifer and will continue to book with her
    Los Angelos, CA